Léo Hoffsaes - J’ai pour eux cet amour qui ne passe jamais, qui ne faiblit pas

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:: verdigris shadows etching, brilliant absentia; liminal paths ::

Paris (FR)-based composer Léo Hoffsaes deftly nestles neo-classical chamber pieces into wide-open spaces on his debut solo album "J’ai pour eux cet amour..." While the strong compositions alert listeners to his education and background, Hoffsaes eschews any particular theoretical or stylistic mode. Smoothly modulating chords are blended with expansive field recordings, creating hazy, gauzey, breathing "sound moments" for the listener to rebuild their own worlds. With an intentionally open concept and sound, "J’ai pour eux cet amour..." is stellar modern environmental music.

Recorded in 2019 :: 43°20'10.3"N 1°08'36.1"E
Mathilde Vrech :: Viola, Violin
Marylou Mayniel :: Cello
Nicolas Rode :: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Léo Hoffsaes :: Guitar, Bass, Piano
Tony Marie (Loto Retina) :: Organ on ''Il fait nuit depuis une heure maintenant - je m’avance dans la forêt"

Marion Molle :: Cover art
Thomas Sara :: Silkscreening
Nathan Taylor :: Mastering

all proceeds to Peace Ridge Sanctuary :: peaceridgesanctuary.org