JD Harrington - Libation to Hecate

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:: an offering to the wayside goddess as leaves + sun slip away; meditations on liminalities ::

Dwelling around the edges of underground techno and ambient music scenes since the mid-2000s, JD Harrington cut his teeth DJing at events organized by the likes of The Bunker, Den of Thieves, and Mysteries of the Deep. After relocating from New York City to Philadelphia a few years ago, he helped co-found the 1694 collective. Dedicated to exploring the intersection of music and visual art, 1694 is most known for producing the ongoing Curious Dream ambient music showcase, although they also have a penchant for hosting the occasional after-hours rave. Born from this fertile creative ground, Harrington's 'Libation To Hecate' mix seamlessly traverses the common tonalities shared between techno, ambient, new age, and drone. Recorded live using three decks during the 2018 autumnal equinox, these selections capture the essences of the seasonal change: ebbing and flowing, but always born along by a steady undercurrent.

All proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center (www.splcenter.org)

mastering :: Lack & Nathan Taylor
artwork :: Candace Price
silkscreening :: Thomas Sara